MQT DDVis - A Tool for Visualizing Decision Diagrams for Quantum Computing

developed by the Chair for Design Automation at the Technical University of Munich, Germany

With the emergence of more and more applications for quantum computing, also the development of corresponding methods for design automation is receiving increasing interest. In this respect, Decision Diagrams (DDs) provide a promising basis for many design tasks such as simulation, synthesis, verification, and more. However, users of the corresponding tools often do not have a corresponding background or an intuition about how these DD-based methods work and what their strengths and limits are. In an effort to make decision diagrams for quantum computing more accessible, we present DDVis---a tool which visualizes quantum decision diagrams and allows to explore their behavior when used in the design tasks mentioned above. DDVis is part of the Munich Quantum Toolkit (MQT, formerly know as JKQ).

MQT DDVis allows users to interactively learn how decision diagrams can be used in quantum computing, e.g., to

  1. compactly represent quantum states and efficiently simulate quantum circuits,
  2. compactly represent the functionality of quantum circuits,
  3. verify the equivalence of two circuits in an efficient fashion.

In order to explore the representation of quantum states and the simulation of quantum circuits with decision diagrams, go to the "Simulation" tab.
In order to explore the representation of quantum functionality and its use in equivalence of two circuits, go to the "Functionality/Verification" tab.

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