Technical University of Munich
School of Computation, Information and Technology
Chair for Design Automation
Prof. Dr. Robert Wille
Arcisstrasse 21
80333 Munich | Germany
Tel: +49 89 289 23551

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The Chair for Design Automation is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Arts through the Distinguished Professorship Program.

Der Lehrstuhl für Design Automation wird durch das Bayerische Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst im Rahmen des Spitzenprofessurenprogramms gefördert.

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Munich MicroFluidics Toolkit

The Munich Microfluidics Toolkit (MMFT) is a collection of design automation and simulation tools for microfluidics developed at the Chair for Design Automation. This toolkit is still in development and subject to frequent changes.

Meander Designer

Designers frequently draw similar designs for meander channels in a CAD program like AutoCAD. In order to overcome this manual task, we developed this online tool, which allows to automatically generate meander designs with their needs and fabrication settings.

Hybrid Simulator

The hybrid simulator exploits the 1D model to accelerate CFD simulations of microfluidic devices without loss of accuracy. This tool allows interested researchers to efficiently simulate large microfluidic networks that include components which must be simulated using a CFD method.

Hybrid Simulator

Droplet Simulator

This simulator exploits the 1D model to simulate two-phase Lab-on-a-Chip devices, i.e., droplets and their paths inside closed micro-channels. Therefore, its goal is to overcome the "trial-and-error" design approach by means of sophisticated simulation methods. An online version of the tool allows interested researchers and designers to quickly try the proposed simulation methods.

Gradient Generator

The Gradient Generator allows users to automatically create designs for tree-shaped concentration gradient generators. Such devices are used to mix two fluids with different concentration values and provide various mixtures of these fluids (i.e., mixtures with certain concentration values) at corresponding outlets.

Channel Router

The Channel Router is a tool that lets the user design a routing layout for channel-based microfluidic devices that need to connect multiple parts in a certain way. In particular, it ensures that certain design constraints, such as the distance between channels and corner bend radius, are satisfied.

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More on our work on microfluidics is summarized in this page.